Kalamunda Primary Education Support Centre (KPESC) first opened as a learning environment for students with an intellectual disability in the early 1980's. Since inception KPESC's enrolment numbers have varied depending on the public's current perception and opinion of disability and education.

In 2008 the pendulum shifted again with a freeing up of enrolment eligibility for education support facilities, with the inclusion of students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In 2013 all education support facilities can enrol students with a variety of disabilities and eligibilities, as long as the enrolment application is deemed appropriate and supported by their respective Education Region.

imgEducation Support, by definition is the provision of services to support students with disabilities. The support a student can and will receive is dependent on the environment in which they are educated and their complexity of needs; as agreed to by the family, school and Schools Plus. "The Department of Education has developed Schools Plus as a model of informed practice to match educational need to supplementary resourcing support for schools. Schools Plus makes practical links between teaching and learning adjustments, services and support, professional learning and supplementary resourcing for schools." (DOE website 2011)