Art activities at KPESC are planned with a holistic approach to learning.

We combine fun art and craft activities with therapy based skills including fine motor and hand/eye coordination.

Classes are designed to enhance the child's art and sensory experiences through creative learning.

Each class is allotted a 40 minutes (junior) or 60 minutes (senior) art session per week. Classes are set up with a main activity, one or two minor activities, and a sensory station. The children are assessed on their individual ability to display skills identified after consultation with teachers and therapists.

Part of the art program includes collaborating with our Music Specialist to create costumes and sets for our school assembly items, and the end of year graduation assembly.

With the support of our experienced and enthusiastic Education Assistants each child is encouraged to "have a go". This might involve cutting out a glittery butterfly, painting a picture with scented cornflour paint or plunging their hands into cold spaghetti coated in shaving cream.