Area 4

Area 4

Our team in Area 4 consists of 3 staff members

Brooke Franklin - Teacher
Lorraine Strahan - Speech Therapy Education Assistant
Suzie Whitelaw

We have 8 students - 5 boys and 3 girls in our year 5/6 class.

Our classroom environment and learning philosophies are based on the structure of the TEACCH program, whereby students work 1:1 with staff on their individual Numeracy and Literacy learning goals in a rotation system. Area 4 has an Education Assistant who specialises in speech, who works 1:1 with the student to address their individual speech and language goals in consultation with Shannon the centres private Speech Pathologist.

In addition to our rotation work in Literacy and Numeracy Program the students participate in a variety of multi-sensory learning activities spread across different subjects:

• Sport/Fitness
• Art
• Speech, Physio, Occupational Therapy
• Massage in Schools Program (MISP)
• Protective Behaviour Program
• Cooking Program
• Community Access Program (CAPS)
• Science and Recycling programs