Area 1


Area 1

Our team in Area 1 consists of 5 Staff Members

Kerry Neale - Teacher
Jane Metcalfe– Speech Therapy Education Assistant - Mon, Wed, Thur and Fri
Shelley Campbell - Education Assistant - Tues, Wed, Thu and Fri
Julie Hood- Education Assistant - Mon and Tue
Theresa Laird – Education Assistant - Thur

Area 1 has 7 students, 3 in year 3, 4 in year 4
We have 7 boys in our class.

Our students have varying abilities and they are catered for with Individual Education Programs. We operate a TEACCH classroom, ensuring that all students know what they are doing: when, where and with whom, whilst focusing on English, Maths, Social Skills, Independence, Functional Skills, Protective Behaviours and problem solving. We work together with the Social Skills, Physical Therapy,Community Access Program and Home Economics plus they also participate in hygiene, art, music cooking and sport programs.
Learning in the classroom includes, independent learning, 1:1 instruction, small group collaboration and whole class instruction. We also integrate with mainstream and Education Support classes during whole school events.